'Seeds of Resiliency,' Documentary About Tragedies and Hope, Opens at Encino Laemmle Oct. 26

The film follows 12 people, from a Holocaust survivor to a refugee from Uganda.

[The following information was taken from a press release issued by Laemmle].

Laemmle Theatres and IronZeal Films are pleased to present Seeds of Resiliency, a new documentary which helps us understand that our darkest moments can contain a shining light. The exclusive Los Angeles engagements begin Friday, October 26th at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills and the Town Center 5 in Encino.

Seeds of Resiliency introduces us to twelve diverse people who have survived tragedies and challenges by having great hope and helping others .

We meet a young boy who is a Guinness World Record holder for performing flips in his wheelchair; a man who escaped war-torn Uganda and now assists other refugees; a Korean professor who recently became a quadriplegic, but does not consider himself unfortunate; and a survivor of the Holocaust who believes that "the worst can bring out the best in us.”

In the filmmaker’s unique style, these uplifting portraits are told without the intrusion of a narrator, giving the audience the impression of sitting in the same room with these people as they inspire and teach them to draw out the resilience within.

The director, Susan Polis Schutz, has received acclaim for her previous popular documentaries: Over 90 and Loving It, (2011); Misunderstood Epidemic: Depression (2010); Following Dreams (2009); and Anyone and Everyone (2007).


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