Almost All Encino Restaurants Earn Highest Health-Inspection Rating

Finding out whether your favorite restaurant is a sanitary place to eat has become as easy as going online.

Encino's eateries must prominently display inspectors’ cleanliness ratings on 8-by-10-inch placards with one of three letters: A for the highest rating; B for passing, and a C for a failing grade.

What does that big, blue letter A from the Los Angeles County Department of Health's restaurant inspection team mean precisely?

It means food borne illnesses are prevented by keeping food from unsafe sources, storing food at the correct temperatures, adequate cooking, sterile equipment and good personal hygiene.

The most recent round of inspections occurred in January on Ventura Boulevard. Almost all of Encino’s restaurants (in the 91316 and 91436 ZIP codes) scored the highest letter grade in the most recent surveys. None were closed.

All rated in the 90s, except for Jingo, a Japanese barbecue restaurant at 17970 Ventura Blvd., which earned an 85.

Each violation is worth one or more points, which are then deducted from a starting score of 100. A score from 90 to 100 points receives an A, 80 to 89 a B, and 70 to 79 a C. Scores below 70 require immediate remediation by the restaurant owner, which may include suspension of the owner’s public health permit and closing of the restaurant, according to the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

You can search the database yourself, or download the files of the county ratings we compiled (see PDF files in the photo gallery above.)


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