Encino's Baklava Factory Is a Popular Stop for Persian New Year

The bakery is busy Wednesday as customers prepare for their annual holiday.

Bakers at Encino's Baklava Factory are doing double duty this Persian New Year.

The store is Armenian-owned, but baklava is popular throughout the Middle East with its honey-coated layers of filo dough and nut paste.

It's a big part of any Persian New Year celebration.

We stopped by the Baklava Factory on Wednesday, the official start of the Persian New Year,  and noticed a number of half-empty trays.

We also met a busy employee who was bouncing between helping customers and baking even more baklava to get the store through the 12 days of the holiday.

She told us people had arrived throughout the day to stock up for holiday meals and gifts to share with friends.

The Baklava Factory offers many different fillings in its pastries, including cashew, pistachio, almond and walnut paste.

The store employee said the walnut baklava is the most popular, though many prefer to pick out a mixed tray from the many offerings.

The Encino Baklava Factory is one of three locations in Los Angeles. The others are in Glendale and North Hollywood.

Click through to see the facebook page for the Baklava Factory and where you can buy your Persian New Year treats.

jeffrey May 07, 2013 at 05:05 AM
Bring back (Vincenzo) Nicolosi!


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