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Gadget Gift Ideas for Dad

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular electronic gifts for Father’s Day.

Dads are known for loving their electronics and new gadgets. So this week, we talked to the local Best Buy to get prices on this year's most popular Father's Day gifts.

This list contains the five most popular electronic devices, movies and games, plus their retail prices.

The iPad 2 has a lighter, thinner and sleeker design than the original. It’s also more powerful, while still maintaining the 10 hours of battery life. Video calls and recording HD also become easier now since it contains two cameras. The iPad 2 ranges from $600 to $830, depending on the features and capabilities you choose.

The movie Battle: Los Angeles, came out on DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday and is already a popular item. The film is about a Marine platoon that fights against a race of highly advanced aliens trying to take over Los Angeles. The Blu-ray version is $18; the DVD version is $17.

The new Canon—EOS Rebel T3i camera is a great gift for the dad who loves taking pictures. This camera features 18.0-megapixels and an EOS Feature Guide that contains detailed descriptions of camera settings, making it remarkably easy to use. It also has an 18-55mm image-stabilized zoom lens and 3-inch LCD screen for framing and reviewing your shots. This camera is priced at $900.

For the "cool" dad who is in touch with his inner child, or just enjoys game time with the kids, L.A. Noire for Xbox 360 is a hot gift item right now. The new video game is about a detective who is trying to find the truth in a post-war Hollywood filled with violence and corruption. The player must solve a series of self-contained cases while progressing toward the truth. The game is priced at $60. Also, Best Buy currently has a "buy one, get half-off on another" deal on some games.

The Samsung 3D Wi-Fi Ready Blu-ray Player provides enhanced picture quality for enjoying your favorite movies. Plus, it has 3D capability and the Dolby Digital Plus decoders provide an amazing soundscape for its audience. The original price was $180 and it's now on sale for $133 online.

Simon Hua June 18, 2011 at 01:54 PM
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jerkin June 30, 2011 at 01:22 AM
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