L.A. Times Features York Boulevard's Gentrification

Highland Park is officially hip, the Los Angeles Times told us so.

The Los Angeles Times is the latest publication to weigh in on the gentrification of York Boulevard.

The piece--"York Boulevard, Highland Park: A hub of hip, really"--insists that despite the the looming presence of "auto-garages and marijuana dispensaries," York Boulevard has become a haven for the culturally avant garde.

The piece notes that The York and have served as anchors for a revitalization effort spurred by artists, restaurateurs, vintage clothing merchants and designers.

From York Boulevard, Highland Park: A hub of hip, really

Anyone who heard reports of Highland Park's revitalization a few years ago and headed to York Boulevard likely would have noted all the auto-body garages and the marijuana dispensaries operating with varying degrees of legality and asked, "Really?"

At long last, even a skeptic would concede: Really.

This isn't the first time a Times newspaper has recognized the development along York.

In 2009, a now-infamous New York Times article tracking the emerging gallery scene on York Boulevard proclaimed that "few would ever confuse Highland Park for a cultural district."

That's the same Highland Park that served as a hub for the both the Chicano Arts and arts and crafts movements.

Honestly, though, there a few things more petulant than a local editor/blogger groussing about how major publications "just don't get it, man."

We think the Los Angeles Times piece does a good job of documenting the new developments along York and pointing out that what's really happening in the gallery scene has more to do with design than art, right now. 

What do you think?

Also, does this mean Highland Park is over?

La Casa de Bernarda Alba January 25, 2013 at 11:24 PM
MOG - I'm not surprised "Man of God!" As for Zane - I guess we can respectfully disagree! Yet, I guess I would say the same when I first moved into the community and how quickly it changed too ...well...I'd rather not dish out the disrespect; other than to say, "I just don't shop there!" I love the fact that I have options now! I would love to see the Figueroa Corridor improve! Whenever I think of the millions of dollars that were funneled through a few years back - and what we got....trees, a few awnings, and street brick crosswalks. What were they thinking??? Yikes!!! LA is a diverse city and respect is what we must all practice. The alternative is not an option!
David Fonseca January 26, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Well, the market will determine whether or not their business is attentive to the community's needs, right? In the meantime, if they are filling store fronts rather than allowing them to sit empty, I consider them a benefit to the community. Are you saying you feel disrespected by any particular business that doesn't cater to your specific needs? To say a record store doesn't respect you because it doesn't offer the kind of music you like strikes a wrong note with me.
Nimby pimp January 26, 2013 at 04:06 PM
@Zane. Do you feel disrespected by folks who drink good coffee, craft beer and a better grade of meat, or do you simply feel jealous and excluded?
nonoise January 26, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Cypress Park got a million dollar waterfountain in the middle of now where. Cypress Park could have used a community center instead of a stupid water fountain. But Councilmember Ed Reyes has to serve his "Santa Monica Conservancy" friends and his "friends of the LA River" instead of serving his community and giving the community what it truely needs. Don't vote for "no way, Jose", another 12 years of Councilmember Ed Reyes.
Rev M G Martinez, ULC January 26, 2013 at 05:20 PM
Them VS Us... is there really a Other in Highland Park? Thriving business is desirable everywhere. I don't drink or smoke, so I don't club with hipsters. I'm not sure what they're suppose to be hip to? Craft beer, and "good coffee?" Coming from an old Navy man, I can tell you good coffee is subjective... I take mine strong, and black. As far as meat, the best cuts are the cheapest ones, braised long and slow. IMO, "they" took over our Neighborhood Council, on the basis of Factual Based Votes. The first thing "they" did was support an outrageous development that will drive a decades old family owned establishment on Fig., Sun's Resturant out of business. The next questionable thing "they" did, was appoint Harvey Slater to a vacant seat on the board. The rational? He only lost by one vote in the last neighborhood election. IMO, it would have been better, had the board made an honest effort to avoid cronism, and rather seek out the best qualified candidate. I would have nominated Sally Gordon, or Rebecca Prine. I would have sought out the advice of Bob Taylor, or Ron Gentry. I can think of a couple of past board members that may have been convinced to serve again. Janet Dodson, for one. Cathi Milligan, for another. Why wasn't the community informed that a position was open, so that qualified people could apply? "They" seemed to have settled the matter among themselves, BEFORE, they voted to appoint. Can you say, Brown Act Violation? "They" should be mindful of "they" got there.


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