After Redistricting, All Encino Residents Now Part of CD5

The City Council maps were confirmed by a vote Friday.

As a result of the vote on the final City Council redistricting maps Friday, all Encino residents will now be in CD5, including the small, disputed portion of Encino Village, according to Councilman Paul Koretz's office.

Jeff Ebenstein of the Councilman's office told Patch that they were pleased with the result.

"in the end we were able to get the entire population of Encino into CD5. What the community expressed that it wanted—to be unified into one Council District—happened, and we were happy to be able to achieve that," Ebenstein said. "All Encino zip codes, streets and residents are now in CD5."

After the vote Friday, Glenn Bailey of the Encino Neighborhood Council, who attended the meeting, said that, while Encino would now all be a part of CD5, the City Council borders of the Sepulveda Basin had shifted.

"The City Council just voted 13-2 to approve their new boundaries which will put Encino residences in one district and the entire Sepulveda Basin in another," wrote Bailey in an email. "Councilmember Paul Koretz will now represent Encino Village and the other residential areas that are now in CD12." 

The , including and Franklin Fields, will now be part of Councilman Tony Cardenas' CD6.

Jim Dantona, Cardenas' chief of staff, told Patch that Cardenas' office was pleased with the boundary change.

"Actually we’re quite happy to get that part of Lake Balboa," he said ."We ‘ve had a portion of it for the last nine years, and we’re glad to get the rest of it and be able to interact with the community as a whole."

Dantona told Patch that CD6 will also pick up a residential portion of CD12 north of Victory and east of White Oak.

Esther Schwartz, who lives in that area, told Patch that she was hoping it would become part of CD5.

"It doesn't make any sense," said Schwartz, who said that she felt closer to events in CD5. "I live right near the park, I've been on the park advisory board for 20 years. Nobody has sat down to look at this from a common sense point of view. They rubber stamp anything."

Calls to Mitch Englander's office for comment by Patch regarding the redistricting were not immediately answered Friday.

Glenn Bailey March 17, 2012 at 01:24 AM
While Encino residents are all in one City Council district, much of Encino's parkland is not. For the first time ever, the Balboa Sports Center has been placed in a different district than the Encino Village homes that abut it. This is outrageous and unacceptable. Furthermore, the Encino Golf Course is not even in the same district as the rest of Encino. What were they thinking?
Esther Schwartz March 17, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Unfortunately the Encino Neighborhood Council failed to file a Community Impact Statement (CIS) opposing the proposed map causing Encino to lose it's parkland to a council district encompassing Sun Valley, Pacoima, No.Hwd, Panorama City, Van Nuys & Lake Balboa. Other Neighborhood Councils have backed their areas, but not the Encino Neighborhood Council.


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