Kate Middleton Pregnant: Picking Out Baby Names?

News came from the palace Monday that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting.

The British royal family announced Monday that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant and expecting her first child with her husband Prince William, according to multiple media sources, including the Huffington Post.

The royal family also recently changed the rules regarding succession to the throne with the abolition of the rule of primogeniture in 2011. Under the new rules, if the Duchess has a girl, then a boy, the girl will be next in line; as the rules stood before, boys born after any female children would have taken precedence.

British bookmakers (betting shops) are already placing bets on what the child will be named, according to the Daily Telegraph. Current guesses with good odds at the betting shops include Charles, Elizabeth, John, Frances, Diana, James, Mary and Anne.

A glance at the most popular baby names in California shows that, while traditional names like William, Henry and Ruby are common out west, we tend to favor names that probably won't make it onto the royal couple's shortlist, like Brooklyn and Angelina. But what do we know? Maybe they'll surprise us.

What do you think the royal baby should be called? Could it be a princess Angelina or a prince Brooklyn? Or will the couple name it for a previous monarch or family member? Tell us in the comments!



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