Lenny Dykstra's Request for Restraining Order Refused

Judge denies request by the Encino resident and former baseball star, who claims man running his Twitter feed posted racist messages and is threatening his business.

Former baseball star Lenny Dykstra's request for a restraining order against Pennsylvania resident Daniel Herman has been denied by a judge, according to the Associated Press.

In the request, Dykstra, an Encino resident, accused Herman of trying to sabotage his business interests, as well as attempting to contact the judge dealing with his It also alleged that Herman posted racist comments on his Twitter feed, according to the Associated Press. The judge denied the request, citing "freedom of speech" issues and noting that Dykstra had allowed Herman to manage his Twitter account.

Dykstra last appeared on the pages of Encino Patch in early November, when he an engagement Dykstra

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