Mulholland Bridge Scheduled to Reopen Monday Morning

Traffic will use the new structure that spans the 405 Freeway at the Sepulveda Pass summit.

Weekend work on the Mulholland Drive bridge above the San Diego (405) Freeway was exactly on schedule at noon Sunday, and supervisors said the bridge route was expected to reopen on time: 6 o'clock Monday morning.

Realigning Mulholland Drive from the remainder of the old bridge, onto the half-built new bridge, is a critical step in advance of next weekend's "Carmaggedon II" closure of the 405, officials have said.

"Unless the weather or an accident prevents the opening, when we'll notify the press," Mulholland will reopen on time, Metro spokesman Jose Ubaldo told City News Service at noon.

Traffic on the 405 itself is not affected this weekend. Of course, next weekend is "Carmageddon II," when the 405 itself will be closed for 53 hours, to allow for demolition of the northern half of the Mulholland bridge.

At 10 p.m. last Friday, Metro contractors closed down Mulholland, and plan to reopen it at 6 a.m. Monday. The bridge provides key access to four schools in the immediate area.

Until Monday, westbound traffic is blocked at Casiano Drive, which is one block east of the 405. Eastbound traffic is blocked just before the bridge itself, as crews grade new roadway approaches, which then must be paved and striped.

The "Mulholland Drive/Skirball Center Drive" ramps to and from the 405 are out of this weekend's closure zone, as those ramps do not intersect Mulholland itself.

When it is reopened at sunrise Monday, Mulholland traffic will use the new structure that spans the 405 Freeway at the Sepulveda Pass summit. It was constructed after last July's first  "Carmaggedon," when the southern half of the old bridge was demolished.


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