Saving Los Encinos State Historic Park: Will They Pave Paradise?

The Encino park is still fighting closure despite a large anonymous donation in January.

"Encino really does have a history" according to The Jewish Journal's Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Rob Eshman. In his column posted Wednesday on the Journal's website, Eshman laments the possible loss of , a part of the neighborhood that 

Eshman wrote that he grew up in Encino, and spent much of his time at the park:

"It’s where I went to read a book, to daydream the spring into Walden Pond, to picnic on the Tempo falafels from across the boulevard."

residents to brainstorm ideas on how to save the park, which was due to state budget cuts. The Los Encinos docents .

In late December, after reading an article about the park's possible closure in the Los Angeles Times, to help stave off the park's closure in July.


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