This Memorial Day, Vegetarians Can Enjoy Holiday BBQ

Nutritious, easy and fun meals for Memorial Day.

Vegetarians can enjoy a good Memorial Day BBQ along side their meat-eating counterparts.  If you're a vegetarian or having some vegetarian guests over this weekend, cooking doesn't have to be a chore. It can be fun, easy and extremely tasty. Some recipes will even tempt the carnivores! 

So let's talk tofu. This brick of soybeans might not look or sound appealing but its nutritional value and multiple ways of cooking it might convince you otherwise. Tofu is inexpensive, contains over 10 grams of protein for a half-cup serving and is also a great source of calcium and iron.

Tofu takes on the taste of the flavoring, spices and other ingredients you add to it, so it's a great way to add nutrition to your diet. 

As more kids are choosing a vegetarian diet, having some kid-friendly nutritious food is easy too.

Making your own veggie burgers is fun to do with your kids. Recipes can be found at: www.savyvegetarian.com. And if you don't have the time to make them, the Warminster and new Warrington Giant Food Markets sell frozen vegetarian and vegan burgers you can cook on the grill.

Here's an easy BBQ Tofu recipe from Allrecipes.com. Enjoy!

–Cheryl Baker


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