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You are invited to attend the monthly meetings of the Encino Neighborhood Council board.

Here is the text of this month's agenda (full document may be downloaded from the ENC website www.EncinoNC.org)




Wednesday, December 26, 2012 – 7:00 PM

Encino Community Center Auditorium, 4935 Balboa Avenue, Encino





1)      Call to Order;  Pledge of Allegiance; Roll Call;  Determination of Quorum (11 minimum); Voting Members (Ethics Training Compliance); Appointment of Parliamentarian

2)      Review and Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting – November 28, 2012 – Ken Silk

3)      Review and Approve Report of Paid Expenditures, Approved Expenditures, and Total Remaining Balance To Date and Monthly Financial Statement Ending November 30, 2012 (Including Demand Warrants, Purchase Card Transactions, Bank Statements, etc.);  Quarterly Audit – John Arnstein

4)      Approval of Consent Items

      a.  Executive Committee Recommendation:  To authorize up to $420 for business cards for Encino NC                    Board members requesting same (Passed 5-0-0)

      b.  Executive Committee Recommendation:  To authorize the President or his designee to pick up the                 Encino NC 2012 election materials pursuant to Section XXIV of the Neighborhood Council 2012                  Election Manual.  (Passed 4-0-0)

5)      Board or Stakeholder Vote To Fill Board Vacancies – Applications Received:  (none)

6)      Seating of Any Applicants Appointed To Fill Vacancies (none)

7)      Introduction of Elected Officials Present

8)      Reports From City Officials and Departments:  Police, Fire, Mayor, City Attorney, City Controller, City Council Districts 5 and 6, Neighborhood Empowerment, Recreation and Parks, Other Departments

9)      Reports From Representatives of Federal, State, and County Officials and Agencies

10)  Public Forum:  Comment On Non-Agenda Items (up to two minutes per speaker; no discussion)

11)  Guest Speakers/Presentations: 

      a.  Friends of Los Encinos State Historic Park - Los Encinos Docents Association

      b.  Board of Public Works (Verizon):  Proposed New 43-Foot Wood Mono-Pole with Antennas                          Adjacent to 16381 Mulholland Drive - consideration of alternative site on south side of Mulholland,              referral back to Mulholland Scenic Parkway Design Review Board, and/or request postponement of               January 7, 2013 hearing

12)  Old Business

  1.  From October 24, 2012 Board Meeting:  Item 11(4) pulled from Consent Calendar and postponed to November 28, 2012 meeting – Traffic/Transportation Committee recommendation: 

Motion by Jerry Silver Second by Laurie Kelson

Moved that the ENC oppose any further expansion of the 405 freeway and/or Sepulveda Blvd. through Sherman Oaks and the Sepulveda Pass, including widening, elevated trains, mono-rail trains, elevated car pool lanes, toll lanes or express lanes on the 405 freeway. The burden of providing more cross mountain passage must be shared by alternative routes, rather than placing more noise, traffic and congestion impacts on residents living near the 405 freeway.  Vote 4/0

      b.  Community Care Facility Ordinance amendments made by City Council Public Safety Committee on            December 10, 2012 and ENC Community Impact Statement (CF 11-0262) (Refer to Planning and                  Land Use Committee)

13)  President’s Report – Glenn Bailey

  1. Executive Order(s)

  2. Notebook Containing Encino NC Documents For Public Review At Board Meetings

  3. Encino NC Website and Facebook Group

  4. Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Best Practices Questionnaire (from Executive Committee)

  5. NC 2012 Election Surveys (DONE and Valley Alliance of NCs)

  6. Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC) Meeting Held December 17, 2012

        1.  NC Agenda Posting Requirements

        2.  Review of Plan for a Citywide System of NCs – Three Standing Committees, 16 members

        3.  Factual Basis Stakeholders (Huizar Motion CF 12-1682) (Refer to Bylaws Committee)

  1. San Fernando Valley Water Recycling Project Mitigated Negative Declaration

  2. Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase on March 5, 2013 Primary Election Ballot (CF 13-1100-S6)

14)  Vice-President’s Report – Todd Rubinstein

  1. Appointment of Outreach Committee Chair/Co-Chairs;  Motion to Approve

  2. Voting and Non-Voting Members of Committees – Sign-ups by Board members and stakeholders

15)  Secretary’s Report – Ken Silk

      a.   Board Member Attendance

16)  Treasurer’s Report – John Arnstein

  1. Purchasing Card Update

  2. Encumbered Election Funds Reconciliation Update and $40 Charge for Polling Place Overtime

  3. Possible Revisions to Adopted 2012-13 Budget (Referred to Finance Committee)

  4. Daddy-Daughter Prom February 15, 2013 Request for $500 (Refer to Finance Committee)

  5. 5th Annual Senior Symposium May 18, 2013 Request for $750 (Refer to Finance Committee)

  6. Taste of Encino October 13, 2013 (Referred to Outreach Committee)

17)  Sergeant At Arms Report – Kathy Moghimi-Patterson

      a.  Mandatory Ethics Training Compliance

18)  Reports From Standing Committees (Upcoming Meeting Date, If Known):  Executive (1/9/13); Airport; Bylaws (1/14/13); Education; Finance; Outreach; Parks (1/7/13); Planning and Land Use (1/8/13); Public Safety; and Traffic/Transportation

      a.  Items Pulled From Consent (Item 4 Above)

      b.  Executive Committee Recommendation:  Encino NC hold a Board Retreat during the month of                     February 2013, likely at the Encino Woman’s Club on a Saturday morning, at a cost not to exceed                   $250 (Passed 4-0-1) 

19)  Reports From Ad Hoc Committees:  2012 Election – Glenn Bailey

20)  Monthly Report on Community Outreach (per Bylaws Article V, Section 11)

21)  Neighborhood Council Reports

  1.  Los Angeles NC Coalition (LANCC):  Next Meeting Saturday, January 5, 2013, 10 am

        1.  Designation of stakeholder(s) to represent Encino NC pursuant to LANCC Charter

  1. Valley Alliance of NCs: Next Meeting Thursday, January 10, 2013, 6:30 pm (speaker Eric Garcetti)

        1.  Candidate Forum for Mayor, City Attorney, and Controller February 23, 2013 Valley College

        2.  10th Anniversary Mixer, Thursday, March 14, 2013 – Reallocate $100 Previously Approved

  1. NC Budget Advocates – Southwest Valley Region and Encino NC Budget Representatives

        1.  Mayor’s Budget Survey – released after January 28, 2013

        2.  Regional Budget Day, March 2013 (date TBA)

  1. Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (BONC):  Next Meeting Monday, January 14, 2013, 1 pm

22)  New Business

  1. Mobility Plan Map of Encino For Encino NC Review and Comment (Refer to Traffic/Transportation Committee and Board Retreat)

  2. California Traditional Music Society Status (Building At 16953 Ventura Bl.) – Debra George

  3. Los Angeles County Flood Control District Proposed Stormwater Runoff Parcel Fee (Protest deadline/hearing January 15, 2013)

  4. National Park Service Rim of the Valley Corridor Special Resource Study:  Alternative C includes Sepulveda Basin, Los Encinos SHP, and all of Encino (Comment deadline January 7, 2013)

  5. Proposed widening of Oxnard Street to four lanes between White Oak and Lindley Avenues (DOT grant application to MTA for the 2013 Call for Projects grant cycle) (CF 12-1866)

        1.  Reclassification of Oxnard Street east of Lindley Avenue to its terminus from a Secondary                     Highway to a Collector Street (Refer to Traffic/Transportation Committee)

  1. Mayor’s Appointment of Grayce Liu as permanent General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) and Community Impact Statement (CF 12-1934)

  2. Sidewalk Repair:  Assembly Bill 22 (Blumenfield) would require a public vote if a City newly mandates property owners to pay for repair of sidewalks damaged by tree roots.

  3. Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor Study by Metro

23)  Board Member Reports

24)  Public Forum:  Comment on Non-Agenda Items (up to two minutes per speaker; no discussion)

25)  Board Member Comments and Announcements (up to one minute per member; no discussion)

26)  Next Board Meeting Wednesday, January 23, 2013

27)  Adjournment (by 9:15 p.m.) – In Memory of Encino Resident Dolores Janney (Jenni) Rivera



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