A View From Left Field: Before You Vote, Find Out Who Butters Your Bread

Find out who butter your bread.

Lately the Republicans have attempted to blame the volatility in the Middle East on President Obama, particularly the unfortunate death of our Libyan Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens.  Instead of pulling together in an act of national unity, Mitt and Company sought to capitalize on Stevens’s death for cheap political gain.  Nine-eleven happened under Bush’s watch though he was given repeated warnings about Al Queda plots to attack the Homeland.  Yet, he ignored them all.  On top of that the Democrats stood firmly behind Mr. Bush and even helped pass the dreaded Patriot Act to give him more wartime latitude.

Besides tax cuts, the Republicans are not good at doing, just blaming.  Bush, when asked when Osama bin Laden will be brought to justice remarked, “I don’t pay him no mind.”  Well, President Obama did and administered a lethal dose of justice.  In contrast, Bush’s reaction was to start a needless war in Iraq on a credit card that cost the nation trillions.  No wonder why we have taken on such enormous debt.  On top of it all Bush found time to issue a tax cut.  It didn’t create jobs then, and it won’t for the Republican standard bearer now.

Romney does a lot of criticizing, but what does he stand for besides tax cuts.  Also, what would he do differently in the Middle East than President Obama, start a war in Libya, Egypt, Syria or Iran?  Republicans are so desperate for power that they change their minds in the middle of a sentence.  Listen to Romney.  He’s all over the place tripping himself up.  His point of view changes from one breathe to another.

Republicans talk a good game like jobs, but never tell how they will achieve them.  It’s kind of like Nixon telling the country that he had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War.  In reality, we had to cut bait and run with our tail tucked between our legs.  Don’t be fooled by Republican rhetoric.

Remember, it was the Democrats who gave us:

1. Social Security

2. Unemployment compensation

3. Medicare

4. Child Labor Laws

5. The Security & Exchange Commission to monitor Wall Street

6. The Minimum Wage Act

7. Worker’s Compensation

8. The Agricultural Adjustment Program to save farms and farmers

9. Insurance to protect your savings and bank accounts

10….and many, many others too numerous to list here.

On the other hand, the Republicans are always on the take and give nothing to Main Street America.  They are always pushing for tax cuts that help to undermine and under fund the gains noted above that were provided by Democrats.  They practice “trickle up” where the middle class is pick pocketed to provide more for the wealthy.

Come Election Day; remember who butters your bread!


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