Encino's Neighborhood Council Needs You!

With elections coming in September, make your voice count.

the current board of the Encino Neighborhood Council voted to extend their positions through to the next election of board members on September 29.

Stakeholders in the Encino community are encouraged to run, and share their views on community issues.

"If you’re concerned about what's going on in the community, your voice speaks louder on a committee," said Louis Krokover, the current president of the Neighborhood Council.

There are 21 seats on the ENC board, plus 21 "alternates," the back-ups or substitutes for the seats. Eighteen of the seats are elected, while three are selected by the Homeowners Association of Encino, the Encino Property Owners Assocation, and the Chamber of Commerce. All board members have to be on at least one NC Committee, and their alternates can sit on different committees.

"Please, community members, step up, get involved," said Krokover. "You have a voice, and your voice will be heard at the City level."

At the last ENC meeting, it was decided that the election date would be set for place on September 29, and ENC community members can cast their votes at the Encino Community Center on that date; they can also volunteer to help on election day itself.

Glenn Bailey of the Council is the Adhoc Chair of the Election Committee, and is responsible for ensuring that the election process takes place within the guidelines of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).

For more information on how to get involved or how to run for election, visit the Encino Neighborhood Council website.


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