Tarzana Neighborhood Council Roundup: Crime Report and Committee Reports

The Council discussed a variety of issues of concern to the community Monday night.

Here's a roundup of Committee Reports from the Tarzana Neighborhood Council meeting on September 24. This was the last meeting with the current board before the new board, elected on Friday, will be welcomed in October.

Election Committee report, Kathy Delle Donne

Delle Donne said of the recent Neighborhood Council elections that "they were very exciting, we had a great turnout and a lot of new members for the board." According to Delle Donne, approximately 330 people came to vote. There was a recount because there was a tie. The results  will not be officially certified until 5 days after the election. "As far as I know now there are no challenges to our election," said Delle Done.

The new Neighborhod Council will be officially installed at the end of October. Delle Donne said they are also looking for ideas for new committees, and that she had a list of 94 possibilities that she had found by looking at the committees of other neighborhood councils.

Outreach Committee report, Denyse Selesnick

Selesnick said that the last meeting of the Outreach Committee was a success, with many new faces present. She said that the group was keen to improve the visibility of the Council through blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

She also added that the TNC would have a booth at Taste of Encino this year, and would be handing out disaster protection material.

Land Use Committee report, Kathy Delle Donne

Kathy Delle Donne reported that the committee would next meet to discuss  expansion of the Islamic Center on Victory and Lindley in Reseda. They will also be discussing a proposed change on some of the wireless antenas on the medical building on the corner of Wilbur and Ventura.

Transportation Committee report, Max Flehinger

Flehinger said that two complaints had been received by the Council from Tarzana stakeholders regarding speeding, one on Vanalden Avenue and another just east of Vanalden on Reseda. The committee will look into them and make any recommendations as they see fit.

Government Action Committee Report, David Garfinkle

Garfinkle spoke about  a proposition that will be on the ballot in November. Prop MM, as he called it, concerns the Santa Monica Mountains conservancy. According to Garfinkle, "There is a current assessment on people who live south of the Boulevard to support the entire mountain area. That expires at the end of this year. So Prop MM is a proposal to continue funding the conservancy for another 10 year period. It's $19 a year." He said that it will be discussed in detail at a later date.

Report by Senior Lead Officer Daryl Scoggins of the LAPD

Officer Scoggins spoke about the which he said was caused by an overheated transformer. He added that it exploded because "street maintenance painted the manhole covers like they didn't exist. The trapped hot air had nowhere to go so they blew up."

Tarzana crime report

Officer Scoggins said that the biggest problem in terms of crime in Tarzana was "burglary and theft from motor vehicles." He urged Tarzana residents "Don't leave anything, even for two seconds. Don't leave anything in plain view." He said that last month there were 30 cases of burgarly from vehicles reported to the LAPD in Tarzana. The worst hit streets, he said, were Hateras, Collins and Reseda, with a few also being reported on Ventura.

He added that other crimes were way down, with only four burglaries being reported during the course of the whole month.


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