Blog: Bring Back the Draft

There are jobs and investment in the Country to be gained.

Representative Charlie Rangel from NY has suggested bringing back the draft.

Charlie can be out there, but I am in agreement with him on this one.

How would this affect the citizenship of our young folks ?

When there is a chance that you or your children may actually go to war (Not just those folks who "Signed up for it so they knew what they were getting into"), would you consider more carefully voting for those who may favor foreign military entanglements  ?

Less than 1% of the present population is in the service and has has any real notion of what that means at this time.

Men and women are doing 3 and 4 tours of duty in urban battle zones.

Is it any wonder many of them are losing their minds and coming home mentally broken and dangerous to themselves and others ?

How much horror do you see before you become enured to it and become a part of the problem not a solution ?

There were more military personel who commited suicide last year than were killed in Afghanistan.

They need a break.

There are many jobs and skills that can be learned in the service.

Jobs. Not just Riflemen. Cooks, Drivers, Gas stations, Carpenters, Welders, Mechanics, Lawyers, Doctors, Medics, Firemen, on and on.

Now, most supply, fuel, food, etc. have been outsourced to private companies like Blackwater, KRB and Halliburton who are making tens if not hundreds of Billions of your tax dollars at what ever rate they chose to charge.

In addition, there are  indications that their own private security forces (yes there are U.S. private armies out there with our blessing that you are paying for), have done a great deal in their unrestrained hubris to create a feeling of hate and distrust in the people we are trying to work with. Out of control and without proper supervision.

We often mention our "Founding Fathers" and their intentions as we try to filter their words through our much later points of reference. One thing seems clear, they were not in favor of a professional Army dedicated to it's own existence run by the military industrial complex which can only profit by more entanglements.

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