Blog: Performance Enhancing Drugs Is 'Just Television'

Sports Entertainment Should Allow Peformance Enhancers in all Professional Sports. Why We Should Leave Lance alone.

A few years ago, there was a movie, called "Quiz Show," which portrayed the game show scandals in the 1950's where the contestants were provided the answers to questions to enlarge audiences and to increase ratings, which in turn, increased revenues for the networks. 

The real theme was that this was "just television."  Professional Sports are really just entertainment as well. The professionals garner million dollar salaries with sponsors shelling out billions to televise teams such as the Lakers and the Dodgers.  Lance Armstrong taking Performance Enhancing Drugs and, now, admitting to blood doping really shouldn't matter. Lance provided us with an American Hero while raising millions for cancer treatment which provides hope to millions challenged by cancer.  Should Lance be condemned for using drugs which most likely had little effect on his winning the Tour De France? 

Le Tour is an arduous challenge even to those who are professional cyclists.  No drug is going to help someone win 7 races in a row. The fact is that professional sports are here to entertain us.  It is television with the players being larger than life, whether they are in the NFL, NBA, or MMA. We want these athletes to be bigger than life, performing their skills in a manner befitting Superman.  We want athletes that can dunk and fly up to the rim. We want athletes who can soar to catch a ball or who can run like the wind.  Athletes are today's super heroes and if they take performance enhancing drugs, then that should be okay as they are entertainers. 

Does any one question a rock band member who uses mind altering drugs to enhance his or her performance? Does any one question an actor taking drugs to enhance his or her performance?  If sports are being marketed for billions of dollars, shouldn't the athletes be allowed to take anything that enhances their performances?  What about off season surgery which allows the administration of steroids and HGH? What about revolutionary knee treatments utilizing stem cells? Lance's saga is only saddened by his denials and his betrayals. 

It is hypocrisy for anyone to be complaining as Lance brought in billions into professional cycling for the country of France as well as millions for Nike and Oakley.  Amgen would not have had the Tour of California if it weren't for Lance Armstrong.  Interestingly Amgen produces EPO, a cancer fighting drug  increases read blood cell production which cyclists have used as well. 

Is Lance any different that a professional football player or baseball player who uses performance enhancing supplements?  We, as a society, want to watch 'Supermen' reach the heights of performance whether on a baseball diamond, basketball court, or a grid iron.  Let's just accept the use of performance enhancers and move on.  Does anyone really care about the Tour De France since Lance stepped down?  Probably not. Are there millions who can face their cancer demons with grit and determination, as Lance has?  Probably, yes. 

So really Lance helped develop performance and life enhancement for cancer survivors and victims.  Should we really care at this juncture, or is it just television?

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