Englander's Group Home Ordinance Scrutinized by Columnist Lopez

Does the crackdown go too far, writer asks.

Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez thinks Councilman Mitch Englander's  to crack down on in residential neighborhoods goes too far:

It goes without saying that nobody in a residential  neighborhood wants a neighbor who turns a house into a shady boarding house operation, with residents coming and going at all hours and creating a nuisance for everyone on the block.

But does a crackdown proposed by L.A. City Councilman Mitchell Englander go too far?

It depends on whom you talk to. Supporters say there shouldn't be any group homes in residential neighborhoods, period. Opponents say the proposed Community Care Facilities Ordinance could be disastrous for veterans, those with disabilities and other folks as well.

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Learn more about group homes in this Patch series: 

'It was like they had more rights than the people who lived here and paid property taxes,' neighbor says.

Sober-living homes exist in residential areas all over Los Angeles, causing friction between neighbors and the homes' operators and residents.

A proposed law to regulate unlicensed homes in L.A. has both sides marshaling their forces.

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