Drunk Driver Knocks Out Power at City Hall, Police Department

Back up generators immediately restored power at City Hall and the Glendora Police Department.

Power to and the was knocked out briefly Sunday morning when a drunk driver backed into a utility pole.

The accident occurred at 4:46 a.m. in the 1000 block of Glendora Avenue. Police arrested Anthony Baca, 34, of Glendora of suspicion of drunk driving, said Sgt. Matt Egan.  

Back up generators quickly restored power at City Hall and the police department, although Southern California Edison reports that at least 1,000 customers lost power for about 30 seconds.

Pat July 24, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Sharon, I know who you are. You had a home made poster in your hands and were on your rickety soap box asking if I could put your sign in front of my house. When I said no, several times, you stormed off in a tizzy. People like you are never satisfied. You win $10,00 for example, you're the type that goes on a crusade demanding $20,000, and will file lawsuits all over the county and state, and bothering innocent bystanders to your 'plight.' Let's put the shoe on the other foot. I don't know how many times some blue hair that has no business behind the wheel of a car has barreled through an intersection, driveway or crosswalk and came thisclose to hitting me and my dog, oblivious to anyone or anything around them. What if Granny hit a little kid, or better yet, another Blue Hair? Would you even care? I doubt it, as that would deflate your illusions/delusions of self-importance, and hinder your 'cause.' By the way, were you squawking and being shrill when that old man plowed through the Santa Monica Farmer's Market, killing 11 people several years ago? You're nothing but a chronic complainer, and when I approach that stretch of Glendora Avenue, I'm going to adhere to the posted speed limit, not Sharon's speed limit. So sue me. Neener, neener, neener.
AJ July 25, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. You have a few valid points however you fail to see the bigger picture. No one is giving people "permission" to drive faster than the posted speed, they do so at their own risk of receiving a ticket or getting into an accident. Your right "These are people that speed no matter". So you basically just disputed your own argument; no matter what the speed limit posted is, no sign big enough or bright enough will MAKE people obey the law. Drivers are always going to do what they want to do, wither they're breaking the law or not. As for "some people need more warning", in case you were unaware our society has progressively enacted laws to follow while driving. Its titled the California Vehicle Code and receiving a notice or "ticket" is our society's way of "warning" each other that they are not conforming to what's best for everyone. Yes, you can argue that the speed limit currently posted in front of Oaks is not what's best, but is it best for the majority or the minority? When questioning that, you would have to follow the previously mentioned comment by Mr. Virgil: "Limits are based on a speed survery. The type of development(s) along the roadway, accident history and road configuration." And as for the last part of your argument "They need to be told what, why an how to do somethings" I believe that's called driving school and every person has to pass it to get a drivers license.
Linda Mansour July 27, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Bill C. did you think I was away crying since you said, "be happy in your ignorance while others laugh at you and the Three Stooges?" I see you know the council person Doug Tessitor, so you know how low he will stoop down when he can't handle what people have to say. Which don't forget is their right, just like your opinion of my being ignorant. Yet, I never said that I agreed with anyone, especially I do not agree with (Pat) an her "neener neener neener' childish taunt! As so many of "You People" seem to enjoy, again to avoid the real issues, you destract people with these kinds of confusion. An really, all you do an over an over is to slander Sharon. (Pat) I would not have just "stormed off in a tizzy" of course this is hear say, no I would have run! Why, because with your childish games you may next plan to throw rocks...seems I heard something about that happening outside of Council Meeting. The issues are speeding cars, accidents, injuries and avoiding more deaths, on or about the 1000 Blk. of Glendora Ave. I wonder what warrant study Speed Survey was done on Ada Ave. to warrant speed humps installed there?
Virgil July 28, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Ada and Glendora Ave are two very different roadways. You can't compare apples to oranges here either Linda. But, so you will maybe understand the speed humps on Ada here is a short history lesson for you. When you have a street with the configuration of Ada, specifically between Glenwood and Cullen, a speed survey is not needed for radar speed enforcement. In response to a long standing problem with vehicles traveling too fast in the RESIDENTIAL area the PD worked radar speed enforcement and placed the mobile radar speed limit trailer on the street as a reminder. When all was said and done traffic would slow down for a while but then the cycle repeated itselt. As a way to mitigate the problem more permenantely the addition of the humps was considered by the traffic safety commitee and deemed appropiate. Since then, the issue of vehicles traveling too fast and neighborhood complaints have dropped off the PD radar. The PD can then move on to other pressing needs. The 1000 Blk of S. Glendora Ave has two permenant radar speed signs and the PD continues to work radar speed enforcement. Again, apples to oranges thing.......Glendora Ave is not like Ada and vice versa.
Concerned Father September 03, 2012 at 05:54 AM
Gary, We slow traffic for kids why not slow it for the other end of society which often needs our help?


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