Follow LAPD Officers on Undercover Prostitution Sting

These are the raw data reports of LAPD communications in the San Fernando Valley from Friday.

The Scanner Report focuses on LAPD activity in the San Fernando Valley, but occasionally in other parts of the city that offer educational insight on how the LAPD functions and the challenges they face. On Friday we overheard an undercover vice operation in the Westlake neighborhood. Here in the Valley, Sherman Oaks Patch has been closely following the LAPD's efforts to along Sepulveda Boulevard.

Details that would risk current or future LAPD operations are always removed from the Scanner Report.


The LAPD foiled an alleged in North Hollywood, arresting four men at the scene, and Patch was there. Back in April, the Scanner Report was on the scene as the LAPD , catching several men on the roof of a pot shop.

Friday Evening

5:01 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
Undercover LAPD vice officers are surveying the boulevard. They relay to each other the possible areas of prostitution, and giving descriptions of the alleged sex peddlers. They advise that there is a "lot of activity" on Olympic Boulevard.

5:04 p.m. North Coyote Canyon Road and Forest Lawn Drive, Hollywood Hills
LAPD Valley Traffic Division is alerted to an "ambulance/traffic" call at the intersection. They are to respond "code 3" (with lights and sirens) to the traffic accident with injuries, and an LAFD rescue ambulance is also on the way.

5:06 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
The undercover vice officers have observed an alleged female prostitute make an arrangement with a possible customer. They will wait until the woman and the man settle into a place where she will perform her services. They will "catch her in the act" before they make an arrest.

5:09 p.m. Vineland Avenue and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood
North Hollywood Division LAPD receive a call about "suspicious activity" in the area. The suspicious person is described as a "white man, riding a blue BMX bicycle, and wearing a black backpack." He is seen continuing to ride northbound on Vineland Avenue. Patrol units are directed to respond "code 2" (not an emergency situation, respond without lights and sirens).

5:16 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
One of the undercover vice officers comments on the considerable number of "working girls" on the boulevard at this time. His partner advises that there are so many standing on one particular corner that the first officer should talk to them about "loitering" in the area, and get them to disperse.

5:20 p.m. A man in a burgundy pick-up truck is observed possibly making a u-turn to pick up one of the alleged "working girls" in the area. In a different spot, another man in a blue car is observed talking to another alleged "working girl," and the officers believe that the two are going into the nearby alley to perform a "lewd" (an illegal sex act for the money).

5:23 p.m. The pair are observed entering the alley, and one of the vice officers predicts that they may park next to the dumpster. But the other vice officer believes that the alleged "working girl" might possibly have access to the apartment building next to the alley. It is decided that one of the undercover officers will drive into the alley.

5:29 p.m. 11600 block of Kittridge Street, North Hollywood
North Hollywood Division of LAPD patrol units are called to the scene of two people fighting in front of the address. They are described as two females "wearing Raiders jerseys." A man is also seen at the location, possibly a companion to the fighting women.

5:32 p.m. Van Nuys Boulevard and the 5 Freeway, Pacoima
LAFD is called to the scene of a "Two-vehicle TC" (traffic collision) on Van Nuys Boulevard, near the 5 Freeway.

5:38 p.m. Devonshire Street and Balboa Boulevard, Granada Hills
LAFD Rescue 87 is dispatched to help a person suffering from a fall in the intersection.

5:45 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
The undercover vice officers discuss having one of them approach the "(working) girl in the green tanktop" and get her to possibly proposition him. On another street corner, there are two other alleged "working girls," one dressed in a "pink top and black leggings" and the other described as "female, black, hot, young," who has been standing in the same place for an extended period, and according to one of the officers, "she's good to go for loitering."

5:51 p.m. 3200 block of Wrightwood Drive, Studio City
North Hollywood LAPD patrol units are called to the scene of a "code 30 ringer" (burglar alarm) at the residence.

5:56 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
The undercover officers have targeted a particular vehicle that is parked near the area. They observe a man and an alleged "working girl" inside the car, and then they see that the man is putting up "windshield covers." After more surveillance, one of the vice officers witnesses that the man may be possibly receiving oral sex.

5:58 p.m. 13100 block of Oxnard Street, Valley Glen
LAFD Rescue 102 is dispatched to help a "choking victim" at the residence.

5:59 p.m. 15400 block of Jersey Street, Mission Hills
LAFD Light Force 75 is sent to the scene of a "DB" (dead body) at the residence. They are advised that this is a "non-emergency" response.

6:00 p.m. Somewhere on Olympic Boulevard, Westlake
The vice officers move in on their "targets," the man and the woman engaged in an illegal sexual act in the vehicle parked on a public street. They call in the license plate number of the vehicle.

6:04 p.m. 7800 block of Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood
LAFD Light Force 89 and Rescue 89 are sent to help a person suffering from a seizure at the location.

6:06 p.m. 15400 block of Jersey Street, Mission Hills
Light Force 75 has arrived on the scene and radios OCD that the incident appears to be an "apparent natural" (a natural death).

6:14 p.m. 4900 block of Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood
An city employee in a city vehicle has just been involved in a traffic accident where city property is damaged. He notifies LAPD to send a Valley Traffic unit to the scene.

Normajeana June 05, 2011 at 05:35 AM
You know, if the 'alleged working girl' doesn't charge the man, she can have sex with him in his car as long as they do it discretely- covering his windows so no one can be offend- because neither are committing a crime. Don't you all feel so much safer that the cops are arresting women for selling something they can otherwise legally give away? I know I would much prefer that they spend all that time and taxpayer money 'rescuing' those poor women (arresting them, giving them the opportunity to avoid going to jail if they give the nice police officer a 'happy ending') than going after people who rob, steal, kill, etc. Because definitely the prostitute poses a much bigger threat than the real criminals!!! Oh, you say, she is bringing down the quality of life and may cause the spread of diseases... ah, but if she doesn't charge, she is not committing a crime... and who gets to determine what the quality of life should be anyway? And as for those 'diseases' she may be spreading, a more likely source of STDS (according to the CDC) are the teenagers doing it in the back seat of their parents' cars... or the one night stand that one meets at a bar or a party... non commercial sex... decriminalize private commercials sex and then you can get it off the street!
James James December 27, 2012 at 01:51 AM
My experience of the police, in many countries, is that they have as much sex with the prostitutes as anyone else. If they run a girl/TS in for arrest, you can bet it is because they havent got theirs. The public and I included, actually see the police in this instance for what they are. They dont have the money to pay for it, so they take it if they can, and if they cant, they arrest the girl. The police are generally no better than the petty criminals they arrest.


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