Coyote Attacks Pitbull

A coyote attacked a pitbull in his yard this month in Orange County. Newport Beach dog trainer Vladislav Roytapel says dogs owners must be vigilant.

Playing ball recently turned into a vicious brawl with a coyote for one Orange County pitbull, and a Newport Beach dog trainer wants to make sure other dogs don't fall victim to another attack.

The owners of the pitbull, who asked to remain anonymous, want to keep the details of the attack private, but did tell how an afternoon of throwing a tennis ball to their pitbull took a horrific turn.

"Their home is located on a big piece of property facing a wooded area, and suddenly the dog stopped playing and instead ran to the back of the yard to meet the coyote," Roytapel, who was hired to train the pitbull, explained. "The coyote didn't run away, and the owners screamed but couldn't stop the attack on their dog."

The coyote took off after about five minutes, but the pitbull was left with scratches and other minor injuries. He is expected to make a full recovery, Roytapel said.

Newport Beach is no stranger to coyote sightings. Senior Animal Control Officer Valerie Schomburg said that, much like surrounding cities, there have been coyotes spotted in Newport Beach, but authorities have not noticed an increase in coyote related calls.

According to Roytapel, problems arise because coyotes see small dogs as prey and large dogs as a threat and even a possible mate.

"Coyotes are increasingly attacking our pets from backyards and even in broad daylight as pet owners are out walking them on a leash," Roytapel said.

There are several ways for pet owners to protect their dogs from the clutches of a coyote. Here are some tips from Roytapel.

■ When your dogs are outside, make sure you always supervise them or secure them in a fully secure enclosed kennel
■ Keep your dog on a short leash during recreation and avoid retractable leashes
■ Don't ever encourage your dog to chase a coyote! Coyotes are not squirrels and they will fight back!
■ If you have a small dog and you see a coyote, pick them up immediately
■ Like domestic dogs, coyotes will defend their territory and their young. So don't approach to them!

To learn more pet safety tips and secrets from the Vladislav Roytapel, Newport Beach's Russian Dog Wizard, visit www.socaldogtraining.com.

MayMom September 04, 2012 at 02:41 PM
This shouldn't be a story about it being a pitt bull. I am not a huge fan of the breed but that doesn't mean I cheer for the coyote. This dog did what it should have done, it was protecting his family from a perceived danger. If it were a poodle, it probably would have done the same thing. I lived where we had bears, we were walking in the woods and my dog circled us on alert for quite a while before we realized there was a bear in the area. Dogs have always taken care of their families.
Carolyn Graf Matthews October 04, 2012 at 05:02 AM
I cant believe this thread of comments! Have most people no intellect? You should be asking yourselves, why did a coyote go after a pitbull? Was it that hungry to enter a yard with a large dog that it knows would be a good fight. The coyote was not surprised. It has good sense of smell, hearing, and sight. Just like the pitbull knew it was there. The coyote knew the pitbull was there. The coyote was hungry. Now, what should concern you is that it was so hungry it went after a pitbull. What 40 to 60 pounds? So, if it would take on a pitbull, what would stop it from eating a toddler or small child? That surely would have been a lot easier for the coyote. That is what should concern you. Coyotes are predatory animals. They hunt. They are not going to sit back and wait for whatever imaginary thing you think up in your head as an appropriate dinner. No, they are not going to snack on a rat. Too much work for a little bite. They will go after a cat, dog or small child. Really, you think it is going to sit and wait for a fast rabbit or tiny rat? You think its going to sit and let its stomach growl for food till an appropriate food source comes along? NO... think people think. If we lived in the mountains, the issue would be balanced. The coyote would have its predators (mountain lions and bears) and the coyote would have its normal food sources (deer for example). Nothing about coyotes is natural and well balanced.
mICHAEL November 28, 2012 at 06:12 AM
I live in Az in a newly built subdivision in the desert. There are coyotes all throughout the neighbhor at all times of the day and night. My neigbors are all from different part of the country with different types of dogs small and large. The bottom line if you are going to to live near nature then face the facts that you are going to be part of nature. If you can't handle that then go back to your high rise in the city and live by the rules of the city. People in my neighborhood are not great white hunters but we are SMART. You want to have dogs and kids in the Az desert next to nature then have big dogs and walk with a big stick and let everything know you are the top dog. If that doesn't work for you then carry a gun (legal everywhere in Az). I have 2 big rottweiler in my backyard and no coyote or mountain comes to our yard. I walk around the yard or neighbhorhood with or without the dogs and coyotes run. These are coyotes were here before us and we are in their domain and have to know the rules otherwise you will be a victim crying on a forum with other victims. The rattlesnakes, big spiders, scorpins etc are part of the dangerous desert. If this city family can adapt then I'm sure many of you can adapt if you are smart. Please stop whinning and act like the top predator and get some balls.
mICHAEL November 28, 2012 at 06:12 AM
P.S. Small dogs and people with no top dog gene will all be viewed as prey to predators both human and non-human alike. If you think that describes you then you belong in the high-rise in the city and not the suburbs...lol
Albert Archer December 31, 2012 at 07:46 AM
coyotes are not even capable of posing a challenge to the average pitbull unless the pitbull was 2 months old or very retarded. My dogs have ALWAYS been given liberty to kill Coyotes on the ranch and ALL my dogs over many many years have ALWAYS been able to KILL a coyote within 30 to 45 seconds....I've had alot of dog breeds such as Australian Shepard Black Blues, Australian Shepard Brown Whites, Rottwielers, Boxer, Pitbull, NEO Mastiff, Blue ticks, MANY MUTTS...All of them would kill with EASE...usually by breaking the neck or sometimes breaking the spine depending on where the dog latches on a jerks. HOWEVER...COYOTES WILL NOT HESITATE TO KILL SMALL DOGS...I have had 2 pekinegse killed by coyotes. COYOTES are constantley trying and succeding rarely to kill my new born calves in the fields so MY dogs are doing it cause it is their job. They are obeying me and my wishes as thier pack leader. They have killed HUNDREDS over the years. 99% of the time a DOMESTIC DOG from 50lbs. and bigger will always dispatch a coyote quite easily regardless of breed..Coyotes are VERY VERY small and thin boned contrary to what most people think.


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