Police Commission Approves LAPD Wireless Surveillance Cameras in CD3

At the Los Angeles Police Commission's meeting today, the Board approved a "Wireless Camera Surveillance System that will be installed in the West Valley and Topanga Areas in Council District Three."


PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Councilman Dennis P. Zine


LOS ANGELES, July 3, 2012 – At today’s meeting of the Los Angeles Police Commission, the Board approved a Los Angeles Police Department Wireless Camera Surveillance System that will be installed in the West Valley and Topanga Areas located in Council District Three which is represented by Councilman Dennis P. Zine.

On October 20, 2008, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a Request for Proposals to implement a wireless camera surveillance system for the Department's Valley Bureau. CelPlan Technologies, Inc. (CelPlan) was selected by the Department to provide services. On April 5, 2010, the City Council approved Councilman Zine’s motion to transfer $679,830.67 from the Council District Three portion of the Street Furniture Revenue Fund to the LAPD to purchase and install wireless security cameras in and around Council District Three (Council File 10-0011-S11). The Department will use the funds to purchase, install, and maintain cameras in the West Valley and Topanga Areas.

"Public safety is my number one priority and I am thrilled that this project is finally coming to fruition," said Councilman Dennis P. Zine, current LAPD Reserve Officer and member of the Public Safety Committee. "The camera surveillance system will be an effective crime fighting tool that will deter criminal behavior and will help identify vandals and burglars because the system can be relocated according to crime trends. I have been working diligently to make sure that this is the right system for the Valley and I think we have finally achieved the result we want."


The West Valley Area and Topanga Area Stations will each receive a Wireless Camera Surveillance System, including 8 new wireless surveillance cameras per station. The network will use a secure cellular wireless connection with local WiFi access and will be installed at various locations throughout the District.

The following is a summary of what is included in the contract:

  • 16 Wireless Cameras
  • Management System (server, workstations, monitors, and related equipment)
  • Baseline Services (design, installation, configuration, commissioning, and training)
  • 16 Camera moves (8 cameras per year)
  • Two Years of Maintenance

The contract was sent to the Mayor for his review and approval. Upon receiving his approval, the cameras will be installed in approximately 10 weeks.




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