Scanner Report: Different Shooting Witness Reports Create Confusion; Motorcade 'Occupies' Skid Row

This is the Scanner Report, detailing recent police and fire events in the Valley and Los Angeles.



8:19 p.m.  5200 block of Denny Avenue, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are called to respond to a "possible kidnapping just occurred." The person reporting describes the possible victim as a " Hispanic female, late 20's, wearing a black dress and a Santa's hat" and the possible kidnapper as a "male, white, husky-build, wearing a blue shirt and dark pants."

The pair was last seen heading northbound on Denny Avenue, toward Magnolia Boulevard. The man was observed forcing the woman to accompany him, and the woman was heard to call out for help. Patrol units are directed to respond "code 3" (emergency response, using lights and sirens).

8:20 p.m.  5200 block of Denny Avenue, North Hollywood

A North Hollywood patrol unit has arrived at the scene.

(There were no further transmissions about this incident, or any follow-up calls to what was reported.)

8:22 p.m.  15000 block of San Fernando Mission Boulevard, Mission Hills

LAFD's Light Force 98 has responded to the location for a two-car traffic accident, with one person injured. Light Force 98 radios Operations Command Dispatch (OCD) to notify Department of Transportation (DOT) to manage traffic, and LAPD to investigate.


8:23 p.m.  15000 block of San Fernando Mission Boulevard, Mission Hills

LAPD's Valley Traffic Division radios for an available traffic unit to the scene of the "ambulance, traffic" incident.


8:30 p.m.  Vineland Avenue and Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake

Valley Traffic Division patrol units in North Hollywood are informed of a "hit-and-run misdemeanor" incident (a criminal offense where the driver fled the scene of a traffic collision involving property only, no personal injuries). A silver-gray Dodge Journey (crossover vehicle) with "Dodge of Hemet dealer plates" and tinted windows hit two parked cars at the location, then fled the scene.


8:43 p.m.  Cleon Avenue and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are responding to an initial call for a "459 from motor vehicle suspect" (car burglary) in the area, but now the person reporting has called back and said that the car burglary suspect pointed a gun at him, then fled on foot in the direction of Cleon Avenue and Vanowen Street.

The caller attempts to maintain visual contact of the suspect, and tells officers he is driving in a Volkswagen on Vanowen Street. The caller believes the suspect is hiding somewhere in the vicinity.

An LAPD helicopter, Air 10, has heard the radio transmissions and is now over the North Hollywood airspace to assist.


8:45 p.m.  West Adams area of Los Angeles
LAFD engine and rescue units are on the scene of a structure fire at an old house. LAFD firefighters are directed to access the basement, where there appears to be an access ramp to the home's interior.  One of the crew members goes to the ramp and finds that the doors there are locked.

The firefighter alerts the crew, "Cancel, this rat trap's locked up."

10:37 p.m.  Fallbrook Avenue Walmart, Canoga Park
A Topanga Division LAPD patrol officer radios the Topanga dispatcher to request a "female officer for a search" at the Walmart on Fallbrook Avenue. The patrol unit is at the scene for a possible shoplifting offense.

10:41 p.m. South Los Angeles

Undercover LAPD Vice units are observing a "little gang party." One of the officers is staking out the area of the party, where there may be possible drug use and underage alcohol consumption. The first undercover officer radios that he has been observing the party-goers making trips to a nearby liquor store. The team is waiting for the proper time to make a bust.

"Aww. One of them just saw me!" radios the first undercover officer to the other members of his team. "Damn it, I just ruined it."

Over the radio, uncontrolled laughter erupts from the other officers.

Says the first officer,  "Okay, were heading to Vermont (Avenue)."


12:01 a.m.  Reseda Boulevard, Northridge
A West Valley Division LAPD patrol officer radios the dispatcher for an emergency ambulance response to the public location. The officer reports "a male, approximately 25 years of age, unconscious and breathing." The officer observes the man may have succumb to "alcohol poisoning."


10:21 a.m. Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol officers are called to the scene of a "shooting just occurred" near businesses close to the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street. A shop owner there reports hearing several shots fired and then seeing a possible gunman running eastbound on Vanowen Street. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male wearing a black hat and a black jacket.

10:26 a.m.  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

Another caller at the shooting scene reports seeing the gunman shoot at a "burgundy van." There is no report of any gunshot victim, although the caller says the intended target appeared to be the man in the burgundy van. The van was seen heading northbound on Laurel Canyon, toward Saticoy Street.

10:28 a.m.  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

Yet another witness calls the LAPD about the shooting incident, informing the police that there were two possible suspects. One of the suspects fled on foot westbound on Vanowen, toward Whitsett Avenue, and the other suspect fled toward Lankershim Boulevard.

10:30 a.m.  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

LAPD receives yet another call regarding the shooting incident, with more descriptions of the two possible suspects. The first suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 18 to 19 years old, 5'8", with a mustache, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. The first suspect was seen to be running and carrying a gun in his hand, and curiously, was said to be fleeing on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. 

The other suspect was seen near Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Sherman Way, and no further description was given of the second suspect.

10:31 a.m.  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

North Hollywood Division LAPD patrol units are on the scene interviewing possible witnesses to the shooting. Some information leads the police officers to believe that possible victims may be behind the liquor store near the intersection, and other information received describe the burgundy van as a Toyota Sienna minivan.

10:34 a.m.  Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Vanowen Street, North Hollywood

The primary unit (the patrol unit first assigned to the incident and leading the investigation) has interviewed one possible eyewitness, and now the gunman is described as a six-foot tall Hispanic male, bald, wearing a khaki jacket and blue jeans, and last seen running northbound on Laurel Canyon Boulevard from Vanowen Street. This eyewitness did not see a van as the target in this incident.

After trying to tie-up all the loose ends to the witness reports, the North Hollywood patrol officers do not find the suspects, and they have gathered very little evidence (such as bullet casings, etc.) in the incident. One of the witnesses interviewed about the shooting occurrence was waiting at a Metro bus stop during the shooting event, and missed her bus while offering information to the police. The North Hollywood patrol unit offers to take her to work.

12:12 p.m.  First Street and Central Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles

A Central Division LAPD communications officer radios an available LAPD air unit (helicopter) for an "unusual request." A "motorcade of vehicles," described as nine to ten cars with "Occupy Skid Row" banners in their windows, have been observed by the downtown police division. Because of all the previous issues with "Occupy" events, the LAPD are wondering about the motorcade's motives, and where their "secondary location" (destination) will be.

The LAPD air unit asks for more details, and the communications officer describes it as a Ranger pickup truck with a top, a couple of Mercury vehicles, an Audi, and a "rather new Chevy Eclipse" pulling a trailer full of stuff.

12:20 p.m.  Crocker Street near 5th Street, Downtown Los Angeles

The LAPD helicopter has been flying overhead the "Occupy Skid Row" motorcade and observes that the motorcade has stopped in the area of Crocker Street and 5th Street, parking curbside. The LAPD air unit informs the Central Division base that the motorcade members seem to be a law-abiding group, and the air unit observes them "handing out bags of stuff to people on the street."

Asi Kaufman December 18, 2011 at 08:49 AM
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Avi Ben David a.k.a "Professor Security" December 25, 2011 at 05:57 AM
Burglars look for occupancy cues like outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, piled up newspapers, or advertising flyers hanging on the door knob. Use an inexpensive light timer when you are away and ask a neighbor to keep the front of your home clean of papers and debris.


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