County Registrar Continues General Election Ballot Count

As of Tuesday, the county has counted 130,063 ballots since election night.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk issued an update regarding votes tallied from the Nov. 6 general election.

As of Tuesday, the county has processed 130,063 ballots since election night consisting of both vote-by-mail ballots and precinct ballots, including provisional ballots. An estimated 215,991 ballots are yet to be processed.

County measures A, B and J are shaping up as follows:

Measure A, which had to do with the method used to elect the county assessor is passing 77.83 percent to 22.17 percent, or 1,902,373 to 541,856 votes.

Measure B, the safer sex in adult films initiative, is closer, with a 56.53 percent yes votes to 43.47 percent no votes. Actual votes run 1,466,131 in favor to 1,127,260 against.

Measure J, the MTA sales tax continuance measure, has pulled ahead by quite a bit and stands at 65.33 percent in favor and 34.67 against or, in actual votes, 1,708,569 for vs. 906,545 against.

The registrar's last update, issued Friday, reported the department had processed 176,539 ballots since election night.

Final election results will be certified Dec. 4, per the county website.


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