Obama Lands in LA Early...Heading to Studio City: Countdown to Starmageddon

It seems calm around the neighborhood only hours before President Obama comes to visit.

UPDATE: Air Force One landed a little early at 6:20 p.m. and now he is on his way to a quick speech and then to Studio City. Stay with Patch for all the latest.

People are still walking their dogs up and down the tiny streets around Fryman Canyon in Studio City. If it weren't for the couple of houses with flags out front, or all the signs that say "NO PARKING THURSDAY ONLY" all around, then it would seem like business as usual.

That is, except for George Clooney's house.

There's a buzz of activity. Big heat lamps are lined up outside his driveway on the street. Celebrity shuttles are already lined up. Catering trucks are parked on the steep driveway.

Up the hill just behind a thin layer of trees, a giant blow-up tent, about the size of a basketball court is being erected for the 150 special guests coming to greet President Obama and meet the Academy-Award-winning host.

"This is international publicity for Studio City, we are very excited," said Carole Zide, of Willett Travel, a member of the Studio City Chamber of Commerce who was cutting the ribbon at a just down the block within walking distance of Clooney's.

The Daily Grill owner down the street talked about how Clooney came in to their restaurant only a short time ago, and others pointed out where Clooney's office is at the City National building next to the CBS Radford Studios.

Cars are being towed from the "NO PARKING" zones, and Park Rangers are stationed at Wilacre Park and ready to close it off for just staff parking for the event.

Obama will land in LAX at 6:30 and then head to the party, stay for an hour and then leave for Beverly Hills.

It looks like the residents in the neighborhood will be blocked in for two to three hours around the time the guests come and go.

Stay tuned as one of the neighbors three doors down, Fiona Hutton and her family, will be blogging about what is going on along this tiny street, and posting photos, too!


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