New Animal Welfare Committee Set Up in Tarzana

The formation of the new group is approved at a neighborhood council meeting.

The Tarzana Neighborhood Council now has a new standing committee—the Animal Welfare Committee—thanks to a vote passed at a recent neighborhood council meeting.

The idea was proposed by TNC board member and representative-at-large Deanna Scott, who said that she wanted to deal with several issues, including issues of concern to the equestrian community, the population of strays in Tarzana, spaying education, coyotes and outreach to rescue groups in the area. As there is no shelter in Tarzana, she proposed working with the West Valley Animal Shelter.

"Our stray population is out of control," said Scott as she proposed the motion to create the new committee," and dead wild animals "just sit in the street for days sometimes."

Scott also said that the animal-centric committee would be in keeping with the spirit of Tarzana, which was named for Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels about Tarzan and the animals he befriends.

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The TNC members voted unanimously for the new standing committee to be created. If you are a Tarzana stakeholder and interesting in getting involved in the committee, you can email the council at tnc@tarzananc.org.


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