Balboa Park Sports Sign-Ups Available Now

From junior exercise classes to Tiny Tot Self-Defense, there is something for everyone at Encino's biggest sports park

If you are looking for sports and fun activities, Balboa Sports Center on the corner of Balboa and Burbank Boulevards could be just the place.
The center, a division of the L.A. City Parks and Recreation, has a full schedule for this Fall. Many sports are being offered, including ju-jitsu, table-tennis, basketball, football, guitar, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, piano and senior fitness.

Local resident David Dobkin lives close to the complex and has participated in many sports and activities over the years. "The classes and sports and programs are all great, taught by good instructiors and fun," he said.
There is something to do for just about everybody. Some sports and programs are geared to children or adults, but all have different levels and divisions to ensure a positive experience.
Most sports and classes require a fee, and registration can be done by walk-up at the park or online at www.raponline.com.

Here's a breakdown of what's offered at Balboa Sports Park this Fall:

  • In Jiu-Jitsu, students train in the Mushin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu system, a practical and effective method of self defense that includes escapes from holds, control techniques, grappling, joint locks, kicking, blocking and striking, combination arts, rolling, falling take-downs and more. Emphasis is placed on self-discipline and a good attitude as well as effective self-protection.
  • If you are so inclined to try table-tennis, you will be able to improve your skills with the facility's professional and award-winning instructor.
  • Basketball classes are about learning the fundamentals of the sport. Emphasis will be placed on shooting, dribbling, passing, defense, technique and strategy.
  • Flag football has five different divisions for ages 7-16. There will be co-ed teams, too.
  • Gymnastics classes will focus on basic floor gymnastics, tumbling skills and mat work. Improve flexiblity while gaining self-confidence and having fun. There is even a tiny-tot gymastics program being offered. This fun, active class is great for children. The class will teach fundamental tumbling skills with a beginning look at flexibility and basic floor gymnastics.
  • Iddy-biddy martial arts is a unique program for young children that combines defensive martial arts training with essential kidnap prevention skills that every child and parent should know. The teaching method is unique in that each child is given personal, one-on-one attention and works directly with the instructor. Your child will learn a simple and effective method of self-defense geared for his or her age level. The techniques are blended with proven kidnap prevention skills and applied in class. Parents participate along with their children and learn together.
  • The all-skills P.E. class is an exciting new program that provides home-schooled students physical education instruction. Emphasis is on gross motor skill development, cardio vascular endurance, increased flexibility, and basic sports skills including martial arts training.
  • The senior fitness class will improve your stamina, flexibility and other qualities. Some work on the weight machine will be required as well.


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