Shaena Engle
Shaena Engle is a food and travel writer  for a variety of publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Pasadena magazine, Los Angeles Times Las Vegas magazine, and PokerPro magazine.  Additionally, she is a contributing writer for the websites www.lowfares.com and www.hotelhostes.com, and Sherman's Travel.com providing reviews of hotels, restaurants, spas and city guides.  She has authored three books, The Best Places to Kiss in Southern California (a romantic travel guide), Silver Linings: Triumphs of The Chronically Ill and Physically Challenged and he Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Las Vegas. Her blog, www.thedivinedish.com, features interviews with famous chefs and reviews of resorts, restaurants, spas and happenings.  Her iphone application, The Best Places to Kiss in LA, features the most romantic places in LA.  She is also an amateur magician and often writes on gambling, poker and magical happenings.  
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